What to Do If You Have a 90-Day Notice Period with HR


When there will be a 90 days’ notice period then most of the HR’s will reject you. They will say “NO”. Either you join in 30 days or in 15 days. And boom you are finish here hahaha. Just kidding. Okay Jokes apart. So how to handle this kind of situation?

In service based company the notice period is 90 days nowadays. And I’m one of them employee. And it’s really sucks. >_<

So here are the some points to handle this situation

Well 90 days are such a long time! And if you are getting any better opportunity. Here 90 days’ notice period sucks you and you can’t take that opportunity.  Coz if you will say that you are having 90 days’ notice period then you will be out on the spot whether you are having an excellent profile or having a lot of skills. But they require 45 days or 60 days or a person who can immediately join them. Right?

Suppose you enter the 60 or 45 days’ notice period on the naukri.com profile but truth is that you are serving the 90 days’ notice period. And you received the call. :O then what will you do?

              You will say to HR that actually my 90 days but I can try to make it 60 days or I can also try to talk to the company for the “buy out” option.

Buy Out = in this you can take  the early release by paying the company or whatever agreement you have or if you want release in very initial time like in 15 days, so some companies agrees with the “buy out” option. But some companies don’t agree with this. 🙁

But you will convince the HR completely and will say I will try my best to make it 60 days notice period. After this they will conduct your further interviews & as soon as  this will complete then the salary thing they will offer you. But in this HR will say that they are putting the dates as 2 months in the offer but as soon as the date is extend your offer will be void.

Suppose your interview went really well and you got a really good feedback in addition you impressed your interviewer completely. So in that case your chances will be very high. In that case HR don’t want to lose the best resources

And before 10-15 days go to the HR and say that your company is not ready to release you before 90 days. In this situation HR will try to talk to the seniors and will agree with you and also extend your offer. 😉 ^_^

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