Mom:  My child why are you crying?

Boy: Mom, Am I a disabled person? When I was hanging out with my friends, some lady come to us, and told the kids that they shouldn’t hang out with  me. She said I’m a disabled person.

Mom: She is right, my child. You’re a disabled person.

( The boy was blind. )

MOM: But… We are all disabled. During my entire life, I’ve never met a perfectly normal person. In my opinion, the woman that told the kids to not play with you, is not perfect either.

So from now on, whenever someone makes fun of you, you should be the one, embracing their flaws.

Because they are pitiful people, who are not even aware of their flaws.

So if anyone says you don’t deserve this, that person will only be proving that he or she is unworthy.

After all no one’s perfect in this world.