Study More in Less Time | Crack Any Exam – Part 2


I have already posted the the 1st part of this blog and this is the part 2 or final step of this post so read it clearly and be a study nut 😉

Part 1: It is all about Planning & Time Management
Part 2: It is all about Smart Studying

here is the 1sts part of this blog if you did nit read let’s have a look

2nd part: It is all about Smart Studying

If you want to cover more concepts in less time then use Smart Work instead of Hard Work

  1.  Whenever you study always keep a rough notebook with you. And note down in one line whatever you study. You can make charts, diagram whatever but do more focus on how you can understand that concept in one line with diagram or not. So that this one line will explain you all briefly about that concept. It is easy to remember the concept.
  2. Draw Mind Maps of that Concept. And try to keep this in a page only with the heading, diagram, and bullet points. Ignore the notes beauty focus on the understanding of concepts.
  3. Google or watch the videos if you can’t understand the concepts. And note down the main points on a paper.
  4. Your priorities must be
  5. a. Refer Syllabus
  6. b. Previous Year Question Papers
  7. c. Your Notes.

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