Best Study Strategy for Any Exam


When we preparation for any exam we have some blunders. How to fight this how to ignore this just read this post.

So let’s take a look!

Our Blunder:

  • EGO Fight: well when we study we also fights our ego, can we do this or not, there’s a lot of syllabus I can’t do this. Bla bla bla…!!!
  • Multitasking: we do the multitasking while we study and it is not okay.
  • Sleep Schedule: Well it is my favorite tasks when I study hahaha but don’t do this. Don’t make a schedule for sleeping instead make a schedule for study.
  • Mobile Slot: when we study we use mobile
  • Study Environment: I know all people don’t have enough privacy that they can study or find peace for 5 minute. So just ignore you environment and just focus on your study
  • Study in Bed: don’t be a lazy bug, if you are seriously crack the exam do not study in bed instead study on table chair.

Must DO:

  • Be parent for yourself
  • Self study > coaching study
  • +ve Attitude
  • Consistency

Study Strategy

  • Aim
  • Plan
  • Notes
  • Teach

Last but not the least

Don’t forget:

  • Previous Year Question  papers
  • Revision

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